Let me tell you a little about what I know of Cape Town. The Dutch East India Company landed in the 1600’s. They claimed the territory without first asking the original peoples os this land, the rightful owners and occupiers, for permission. They assumed ownership for themselves. Familiar story to most people living in Canada, right? Too friendly, too trusting Indigenous peoples find themselves stuck with that other end of the stick.

The first Dutch officers of this new settlement at the southern tip of Africa decide to erect a wall. Its purpose? To keep the Indigenous peoples out, and to keep the Dutch safe from that time period’s equivalent of angry Indigenous lawyers.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Dutch are doing essentially the same thing only to another bunch of darkies. Consider events on what would later be called Manhattan Island. Dutch settlers are erecting another wall, also to keep another group Indigenous folks out.

But here’s the kicker. Over the centuries, the physical walls come down and paved streets replace the cattle or horse cart paths that run alongside those walls at the southern tips of Africa and Manhattan Island. Thus, they you have Wall Street in NYC and Waalstraat in Cape Town.

Ain’t that cute? Of course, there’s a lot more but I think that should do for now. Maybe more later…28 Waalstraat