Cape Town harbourIf you haven’t guessed, I’m back in Cape Town. Have been since Thursday afternoon after a quick trip to Muizenberg. I spent most of yesterday (Friday) doing what I try to do whereever I go: I wander on foot. First, I have a load of lard to lose around my waist, a result of banging up myself on bicycle, quit smoking, keyboard addiiction, and still eating like a teenager – which I can’t do anymore. Without a bike, I try to get my feets working at least an hour a day. My walkabouts can take a lot longer, like yesterday.

Before I begin, let me say that I love Cape Town. The scenery is stunning, the old parts of the city are amazing, the food is fabulous. But it’s the people that make any place. So I love heading off to little corners, just wandering to see where I might end up, what amazing people await. Yesterday, I hit the Victoria & Albert Waterfront with a purpose though. No time to dilly or dally. I needed to find a tourism office or travel agent for help.

First, any touristy pic of Cape Town will show you the V&A with Table Mountain behind it. Guaranteed. It’s famous. Second, I haven’t been to the V&A in ten years. I was shocked. It was like going to a theme park, a Disneyland or some other major tourist trap. If you read a previous post on Sandton, in Joburg, then you might have an idea what I’m talking about. Finally, I realized that the V&A has become another one of those little safe havens for people with money and time to spend it. My mind had to make that adjustment before it could assimilate it all.V&A Waterfront

But I saw something else; lots of other people who did not seem to have a lot of time or money wandering about just like me. I pondered that for a moment or three before coming to the conclusion that perhaps like everyone else they need a break from outside realities, a diversion for an afternoon, a safe place for a young family to be together.

Just like me.looking toward Robbin Island Museum