What the… ?

Sounds ominous. There are actually quite a few really good mysteries in the Cape. Maybe someday, I might get to the ones I remember.

In the meantime, check these out. First, why did they begin to build this four-lane elevated highway through through one of the busiest areas of town… and then just stop work on it 20 years or so ago? The other end of this highway is about two blocks away. It just stops. Right there. Hanging in the middle of nowhere.end of the road

The other thing that strikes me as weird is this sign for a fast food joint. Why the North American Indian with full plains headdress? Maybe it’s like the Mohawk gas stations in western Canada? And who gave them permission to use these symbols. Any copyright lawyers in the house?Spur Steak Ranch



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2 responses to “What the… ?

  1. sunprincess


    The reason the highway doesn’t meet is because the department of transportation hired an expert but the civil servant knew better than the expert so ignored all the advice.
    The civil servant worked night and day and then when it looked like things were not aligning themselves the department returned to their expert after ignoring him for months – but her contract expired and she refused to work for the lunatics anymore. So she cashed her cheque moved to a country with roads in place already and lived happily ever after.

    The end.

    And the Indian in the headdress means they serve RED meat :O)

  2. shmohawk

    I have asked people on the street, in stores, in business suits, on roller blades. No one can give me an answer to the highway question. No one. You can stand in a certain spot and look one way, and see the end of one part of the highway just hanging there in nid-air. Then you do a 180-degree turn and there is the other end of the highway, also just hanging there in mid-air. But not a single person could remember or knows the reason why construction just ended the way it did.

    Lots of theories, of course. But no real answers.

    As for Spar, I suggest we beat their freaking asses with copyright infrignement suits. And woe to the dumb shit who thinks he or she can simply appropriate a symbol like that for greasy burgers. Sheesh!

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