A friend sent me an SMS about a dream. She wrote that it was about my brother Joe, but he said it was okay because he said his name wasn’t Joe. She also described a wolf and a bear in this dream. And pages of words piled up like translucent 3D pages floating in stacks. The dream meant something, she wrote. She wasn’t sure exactly what it meant, but she knew she had to share it with me.

I am on a bus as it arrives on my cell phone. My phone is on and then off again the further we travel north into the Eastern Western Cape (once more, thx Suite Basil, weblog editor par excellence) and the mountains and valleys on the road to Namibia. You can go 40 minutes or 4 hours without seeing a town, gas station or restaurant, but off in the distance are farms. I am able to receive her message when I check my phone periodically, but by the time I finish reading it my phone is almost out of power and definitely out of range of any signal.

Later, after I am in Windhoek and have managed to get my phone working again, I reply to my good friend via text message that my brother’s real and proper (Mohawk) name was Tehawehron. My mother, Watsenniostha, was bear clan. My father, Tehotention, was wolf clan. I cannot know what those pages of floating words and pages mean, but I can guess.

I think my Mohawk ancestors are talking to her Khoisan ancestors. They may be gathering, getting together, perhaps to let me know they are here, perhaps to protect me, perhaps to remind me of things I must do. I have heard them whispering to me from time to time since I arrived in South Africa. That I have left SA may be one reason they have reached out. I think the time has come to decide something important in my life. The message or meaning has arrived as I ride a bus through the Eastern Cape on the road to Windhoek and the Namib desert. Perhaps it is one last warning not to be distracted or diverted. Perhaps it is a calling out to be somewhere. Perhaps.

Isn’t technology wonderful? Talk about long distance communication! Only a fool would ignore it.