So this is what has happened so far in this on-going not-ready-for-prime-time soap: Dali hates Khanyi, who wants Dali fired because Dali hates Snuki, who is almost universally hated by the entire jouralistic community as a conniving weasel of a government stooge. Those damned journalists want Dali fired too, and Khanyi and several other Thabo-ists drummed off the SABC board because he put them there as hand-puppets anyway. Got that?

Then, with the world’s public television industry and many, many indie TV producers in attendance at a huge international conference in Joburg hosted at great expense by the SABC… Dali – and the Board – are called to explain to parliament in Cape Town WTF they’re doing!! They return just in time to get a tongue-lashing by Harry Belafonte, who also slams the SABC as a whole for being a gutless organization that has fallen back on its former role as a propaganda machine. Dali then beats the SABC board to the punch by firing the much-hated Snuki before Snuki manages to get Dali fired. All of this as stunned producers from around the world hit the bottle so this might be able to remember this all like the last episode of Dallas (remember, it was all a very weird, bad dream).

Then, Snuki pulls some strings and gets Dali fired by the board, which then has to re-hire Dali after he takes his case to court. But the SABC board ain;’t done with him yet, and remains fit to be tied with Dali as a parliamentary hearing is about to take place… Which is then cancelled just in the nick of time, before the ANC has to answer some very troubling questions about Thabo’s role, the Board’s role, and Dali’s and Snuki’s roles in an international embarrassment – but also avoiding unsettling questions about the SABC’s now familiar role as official fart-catchers to the stars.

Ach, shame.