Like this bizarre example of RCMP prejudice and racism, abuse of power and ability to get away with dumbass internal whitewashing.

Mr. Hall had a brain aneurysm as a child and his weak leg swings as he walks. He is on a government disability pension. He says that on his way home from drinking beer with friends in June of 2004 he was confronted by a female police officer in front of the Merritt RCMP detachment and taken in. He was told to remove his clothing and jewellery, but the native man wouldn’t take off one necklace because his spiritual adviser had told him never to take it off

It just gets better, as two strapping examples of Canada’s finest taser him seven times. What kind of idiots are they recruiting these days?

Better hurry though. The Globe and Mail is one of those cheapie pubs that will keep such stuff online and free for seven days, then – “poof” – it’s pay-to-peek.