day of action?

I was on a plane at the time, but arrived the day after there was a “national day of action” called to protest Canadian governments inaction or perfidy on Indigenous rights, Aboriginal living conditions, lack of jobs, poor health, etc. So I read this and I’m stumped – because it certainly didn’t make waves or even get mentioned on any of the newscasts or newspapers that I read.

In fact, this is the only mention that popped onto my desktop, and it came from the Liberals (doncha know):

Today’s National Day of Action represents another major embarrassment for the Harper government and yet another blow to Canada’s international reputation as a defender of the rights and quality of life of Canada’s First Nations…

Libs! Listen up. We don’t belong to Canada. Stop use of the possessive.

AFN, I hate to say we told ya so – but we told ya so. Quite a few of us told your communications staff that if AFN decided to try to subvert what was a grassroots initiative (last year’s threats of blockades and a real day of action) that your organization would come out looking like a buncha jerks. Why? Because the AFN is not a grassroots org. It is an organization of Indian Act enforcing, band council chiefs. In other words, zippo rez cred. Even the media seemed to suss this out.

Sorry, Phil. Truth hurts, don’t it.


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