There was a long-gone TV game show of this name with the appropriately named Bill Barker as host. There is a city in the southwest U.S. state of New Mexico that carries that name as well. It has not been cancelled and is still in existence. Here in Canada, we have a bit of a game going on too, only in typical Canadian fashion it is called the “truth and reconciliation process.” My “spidey sense” goes off whenever government uses the words “truth” and “process” in the same sentence, and it’s jangling like an old windup alarm clock right now.

Since Monday, I’ve sent emails to Canada’s TRC hoping to set up interviews. I’ve resisted calling – until today – because I understand what it is like on “opening day” at an office like that. But four days with nothing but automated replies, and one from a real flesh-and-blood person who says she will forward it to the appropriate person, is no excuse. It tells me two things:

  1. the communications people should demand a refund from whatever j-school or communications program they went to because these institutions have failed to teach the Number One cardinal rule in PR: reply promptly to requests – especially when it includes the words “on deadline;”
  2. the spokespeople (or at least the one I really want to interview) may not want to talk to me.

So I suspect a stall is underway. Either way, it shows dishonesty if not incompetence.

Neither give me hope for truth in this particular process — at least not so far.