That’s my impression of the reaction to Ryerson J-school prof John Miller’s writings about the complaint lodged with the B.C. Human Rights commission against “polemicist” Mark Steyn.

Steyn, if you don’t know or haven’t read Maclean’s magazine lately, published an excerpt from a book that made certain disparaging statements and claims about Muslims, such as an apparent secret plot to take over the world. Natch, the Canadian Islamic Congress didn’t like those thinly veiled accusations (pardon me for that) and thus their complaint against Steyn.

It’s all over the moronosphere as rightwingnutbars have taken up the cause with less and less fact forming the basis for their arguments, more and more paranoid delusions of state persecution and threats to their “free speech” (at least their wish for unchallenged vitriol and misinformation) generating something akin to hysteria, leading to ever-increasing nastiness against any and all who dare to disagree.

Thus my comparison of their online behaviours to a herd of yapping chihuahua; endless noise and nipping at heels by those masty little creatures (not to mention the trail of piss and shit they leave behind in their mindless stampede).

Don’t believe me? Just check out the reactions for yourself in comments to Miller’s assessment of Steyn’s writing at the Canadian Journalism Project which posted a submission that the B.C. HR Commission refused to accept. It makes me wonder how many of the folks leaving those comments are Canadian journos or j-students using pseudonyms – and if so exactly what they teach in j-schools these days? Because if their writing is any example, it can’t be spelling. Or clear, logical, concise writing.

An alternative theory might be that the rightwingnut universe has ID’d Miller – and his damned facts – as a threat to their propaganda and is going to gang-bang him at every instance. If that one pans out, then ya gotta love those idiots for their dedication to the protection of free speech.

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