Why aren’t the news media, journalists and reporters, calling the Blackwater company exactly what it is?

At first glance, the Blackwater security firm that has been hitting headlines in Iraq for some time apears to be no different than a company called Executive Outcomes, mainly South African ex-soldiers who contributed much to the destabilization of countries like Sierra Leone, fighting and killing Sierra Leonians on behalf of international diamond, gold and other precious resource conglomerates. Some reporters even dared to call them mercenaries.

So what is the difference between Executive Outcomes – your basic army-of-mercentaries-for-hire – and Blackwater, except that Blackwater is an American-owned company?

Blackwater deal allows company to have AK-47s (6/23/08)
MOYOCK, N.C. (AP) — Private security contractor Blackwater Worldwide has been able to keep 17 AK-47s at its armory under a deal that sidesteps federal laws prohibiting private parties from buying automatic weapons, a newspaper reported Sunday.

So the question is: Why aren’t news organizations — or at least individual writers and journalists — calling a spade a ding-danged shovel?