Thank goodness. It’s about time. Read all about it in this story at Indian Country Today:

NEW YORK – An ancient Bolivian legend tells the story of Choque, son of a Sapalla chief, who chose to resist the assault of the Kari invaders. To reward him for his courage, the gods sent Pachacamaj, who changed into a condor that delivered some tubers and a direction: allow the invaders to eat the visible plant and save the part that is below ground for the people. The potato, then, was the substance that fed them and helped them to regain their freedom.

This is one of the creation stories of the potato, which was first cultivated 7,000 years ago around Lake Titicaca in Bolivia by the Tihuanacu (the ancestors of the Aymaras, President Evo Morales’ people). The humble tuber helped sustain 500,000 Tihuanacus, and then the Huari people of what is now Peru, hundreds of years before the Incas took over.

What else to say: Whoo-hoo!!