I had to drop out. I wish i could also have tuned in and turned on, but that was the sixties and part of the seventies. Damn!

The reason for my absence is simple.  It was very difficult to post while I was travelling about South Africa and Namibia.  When I returned to Canada, I actually enjoyed the silence. When I decided to jump back into the hurly-burly of blogging, I discovered that I couldn’t get access. I live in the country, and Bell gives really lousy service out there. It’s a black hole for most services but it’s especially frustrating with Bell.

So I also decided I wanted nothing to do with a land line.  Give me a dry loop, I instructed Bell. where exactly do you live, they asked. When I looked, I really how truly screwed I was. I live on a trilingual road (yes, a road with a name but in three different languages – Mohawk, French and English). Worse, the folks around there decided to give themselves their own numbers.  So I have four house numbers. Oy vey, as we say back home.

Worse, my sister’s house had Internet for a year but the line is dead.  There is no DSL signal.  And for the past two months, I have fought for , screamed about, maoned, written letters, all to no avail.

So there you have it.  My tale of woe.