I wanted to find something to underline my feelings about a previous post, one on Ahenakew, to buttress my stand against his current criminal prosecution. I check my newsreader for likely headlines and, lo and behold, I scan a story in the Mail & Guardian newspaper from South Africa. What I read sends shivvers down my spine.

I have read comments from the ANC’s Youth wing in a couple of stories that capture the increasingly harsh attitudes within the ANC about a breakaway group. The breakaways are led by former ANC stalwarts, like “Terror” Lekota, who disagree with the direction of the ANC particular under control of a faction that tossed out former SA President Thabo Mbeki in favour of Jacob Zuma.

There’s a lot of backstory here that time and space won’t allow, and would lead this post into alleys it should not go right now. Before you follow that link above, I offer this chilling excerpt from a recent interview. It underlines my feelings why Ahenakew’s trial is not justified, but it also explains my increasing unease with recent developments in South Africa.

The Mail & Guardian spoke to the 30-year-old former student leader and former ANC ward councillor in the Emfuleni municipality, who holds a degree in logistics management from the Vaal University of Technology and now works in the municipality as a senior administration officer.

Any change of heart on the “cockroaches” statement?
I’m not feeling bad about that statement. All these people in Cope are behaving like cockroaches and should be destroyed.

Why “cockroaches”?
By distorting the history of the organisation, by behaving as if history started yesterday, they are behaving like cockroaches and cockroaches should be killed.

League leader Julius Malema got into trouble for using the word “kill” and your colleague Themba Ndaba used the same word in the Al Jazeera interview …
We’re not talking about killing human beings here, we’re talking about cockroaches. When you see a cockroach in your house what do you do? You kill it.

Now where have I heard those words used before? My feelings go beyond disillusionment – to shock, sadness and even horror. I don’t want to believe that this is the same ANC that so many of us supported, the party of Mandela, Tambo, Sisulu, Slovo, Hani and so many more. The silence from Zuma et al, their failure to condemn the ANC Youth wing, speaks volumes about its intentions as well.