Question:  Does this man look like an Aboriginal person in Australia?

mm_thumbWell, he’s actually from Tasmania but who’s splitting platypus?

What about this next guy? Does he look like an Aboriginal person in Australia?

Well, they are both Aboriginal peoples. But according to a well-known journalist in Australia, they shouldn’t be. Why? Because they don’t have your typical big nose or bushy hair usually associated with the Aborigine! That’s why!


Andrew Bolt is a well-known old croc hunter who gives journalism – and journalists everywhere – a very bad name. Note the short bio that provides the name of his recent book, “Still Not Sorry” – an obvious reference to the official apology by the Australian government for decades of official abuse that stripped the children from their families and communities in a deliberate attempt to wipe the Aborigine out – or at least to water down their blood line enough so that idiots like Bolt could argue they are no longer deserving of calling themselves Aborigine.

There are words for policies like that – and people like Bolt who apologize for, support or even advocate such crimes against humanity.