Balbulican at StageLeft has something of interest. It’s about the not-so-invisible Reform-Conservative party’s Aboriginal policy. If you’re thinking “deny, deny, deny” then you’re only partly right. Here a sample, then why doncha just head on over.

Their actions since their election, however, have all been completely consistent with the views of Tom Flanagan, Harper’s professor and key policy advisor.

In 1999 Flanagan published “First Nations, Second Thoughts”. In that book he argues that the presence of Aboriginal people in the new world doesn’t give them any legal or constitutional rights. The fact that the Canadian Constitution, the Supreme Court of Canada and the UN all disagree with him didn’t phase Flanagan. He also argues that:
• Aboriginal culture is inherently inferior to European culture, and always was;
• Métis are not Aboriginal people;
• Because Aboriginal didn’t haven Westminster style parliaments, they are incapable of governing themselves;

Flanagan’s conclusion: the only (final?) solution for Canada’s Aboriginal Problem is Assimilation.

How should that assimilation be accomplished?
– Land Claims and Treaties should be made subsidiary to Canadian laws.
– Nation-to-Nation relationships should be terminated. Self governments should be reduced to the level of municipal governments.
– Every incentive should be presented to move natives off reserves and into the cities; the land base should be diminished to the extent possible.
– Special programs of support for Aboriginal people are discriminatory, and should be eliminated.