And the loser is… (opening envelope) the United States Government. The results are from an online poll conduced by Censored News Blog. (h/t to Indigenous Issues Today)

The United States emerged in truth as one of the worst violators of international human rights during the Bush regime, with torture, kidnappings and secret renditions in violation of the Geneva Conventions. The bogus war in Iraq resulted in the widespread murder and displacement of Iraqi people. Corporations seized the freefall of US democracy, with mercenaries, private prison profiteers and war manufacturers reveling in their profits. During the Bush regime, the United States ceased to be viewed as a democracy by many US citizens, who now view the United States as a company comprised of select individuals seeking corporate gain and control.

That would be bad enough – but to also be called the world’s worst company, sharing the stage with BARRICK GOLD (4th worst “destruction of the Western Shoshone’s Mount Tenabo region during Thanksgiving”), BLACKWATER (5th worst “responsible for murders and brutality worldwide”), and in 2nd place… (drumroll) MONSANTO.

Obama has a lot of work to get back to “hope” and “change.”