Another woman has come forward to tell tales about Patrick Brazeau and the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. This time she has a name, Jade Harper. She left a job with CAP last year after filing a complaint with Brazeau about the boozing and carousing that she felt the organization and its senior administrators (including Brazeau himself) knew about and did little to stop. 

Once upon a time, CAP stood for something. It did good by pushing the rights of Indigenous peoples regardless of their status under the Indian Act. It tried to help people who had fellen through the cracks, thanks to the artificial stupidities inflicted upon Indigenous peoples by such idiotic pieces of Canadian law. It worked to improve lives – not further the ambitions of an individual or kiss ass in a vain attempt to curry favour with the powerful. No more.

Unless the people who run that organization do some serious re-thinking about why the organization exists, what and who it should be serving, then it’s further existence must be questioned. If it chooses wisely, and recommits itself to something honourable and worthwhile, then best wishes. If it choses badly, or continues to distance itself from the people who need it, then CAP will have given up its right to exist. And to hell with it.