Who writes this stuff? Do they actually get paid for this drivel? Does he actually speak like the phone book? Where the hell is the Obama Factor??

Sorry. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well it ain’t me that don’t make sense. Here. Take a look for yourself. Then let me know what you think. 

“We all agree that investing in First Nations is the pathway for economic and social prosperity for both First Nations and Canada. Investing in First Nations benefits all Canadians and builds a stronger Canada,” the National Chief said. “The Alternative Federal Budget released today is consistent with the AFN’s own proposal for a First Nations economic stimulus plan.”

Yes, this is just a sample but a mind-numbing example of what passes for oratory at the top of the national Aboriginal organizations (or NAOs as they like to say, but we’ll tackle those nasty acronyms some other time). Whoo-hoo! Sure makes me wanna slip on my demonstrating shoes, knock down a tree, set up a blockade. (yawn) Excuse me while I just take nap first. Those words are better than counting sheep.

I’m not advocating an ear-drum rattling burst of rhetoric. Nor a down-and-dirty slip into street lingo.  But – fer chrine-dine sakes – there not a single bit of passion in there. No sense that the words come from a human being or are meant to be heard (much less understood) by the same.  It’s the kind of boring, sleep-inducing, bureaucratese that permeates everything and everyone who stays in Ottawa too long. They not only begin to look like Ottawa bureaucrats, dress like them, sound like them, but eventually even think like them. 

Which is one reason why folks back on the rez don’t have any connection to these guys in their fancy suits and ties. And why those suits cannot understand why no one listens to them.

Now, your thoughts?