This is from Patty Ducharme, national vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. She was speaking about the Algonquins of Barriere Lake.

We believe the roadblocks erected on highways that pass through First Nations’ traditional territories will come down when government roadblocks to self-determination, self-government and land entitlements are eliminated.

Nicely said. I couldn’t agree more. Let’s send in the troops to arrest buggers like Chuck Strahl and Stephen Harper for setting up their illegal, dehumanizing and costly (in both human terms and real dollars) legislative and policy roadblocks, and throw their asses in jail.

Ducharme’s words can be found in a news release for demonstrations that took place today in Ottawa (Wed) and tomorrow in Montreal (Thurs, Jan 8).

Rally in front of Jean Charest’s office, Montreal
THURSDAY, January 8, 2008, NOON of McGill College & Sherbrooke

For further information:
Marylynn Poucachiche, Barriere Lake spokesperson: 613 –
265-6739; Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader:(c) 613-614-4916; Charlie Angus, NDP
parliamentarian: (705) 929 – 2819; Algonquin Nation Secretariat Grand Chief
Norman Young, (819) 627-6869; PSAC National Vice-President Patty Ducharme: (613)
329-3706; CUPW National President Denis Lemelin, 613-236-7230 ex 7900;

Contact for Montreal rally: Courtney Kirkby: 514-893-8283; Luc Tailleur,
National aboriginal equal opportunities committee representative for PSAC,