awww… way to go

David Onley, former CHUM broadcaster and now Ontario’s Lt-Governor, dropped by the Kanihote Library on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory near Belleville the other day. He was there to boost literacy on Indian reserves and urban communities, Métis communities and settlements, and Inuit villages and hamlets. He was following up on the work of the previous Lt-Gov, James Bartleman. There’s no negative here. Education, learning, libraries are all good for the heart, mind and soul. 

Here at home, we are in desperate need of a library. We live about 40 kms from one of Canada’s largest cities and hubs of communications, a city with four major universities, a dozen or so community colleges, massive libraries and museums. Yet, we have no library. Nor do the neighbouring villages and towns. Pretty sad.

But to commit to making possible in many other native communities what a few hard-working and committed people have done at Kanihote at Tyendinaga, with their sweat and volunteered time… Well, that’s just amazing.

You’re a good man, Onley.



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2 responses to “awww… way to go

  1. Tehanatoken

    “Here at home, we are in desperate need of a library.”…It seems to me if Mr. Onley dropped by Kanhyote Library here in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory then there must be a library. Our library is in desperate need of expansion, bigger quarters, and much better disability access.

    “Nor do the neighbouring villages and towns. Pretty sad.”…I also have a relative that works in the library in Deseronto, this will be a suprise to her and I believe Tyendinaga Township, Napanee also have libraries.

    Do we live in the same community?

  2. shmohawk

    I should have made myself more clear. I live in southern Quebec but am familiar with the Kanhyote (sp) Library and the cramped situation in an older building. In my community, west of Montreal, we must drive about a similar distance as that from the Church Road in Tyendinaga to Belleville, about 20-25 minutes. Once there, we find few books or other materials in English. This is Quebec, after all. Downtown Montreal has fantastic libraries but it takes a lot of effort, expense, and time to get there. Kahnawake had a fantastic bookstore, until the owner died. It took a 14-year old to push for an on-territory library there. But in Kanehsatake, there is no library, few resources, and no Lt–Gov like David Onley or James Bartleman to champion literacy and libraries-on-the-rez.

    Sorry for the confusion. I often lapse into communicating my thoughts telepathically. ;-0

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