I couldn’t help but be amazed how American’s have been treating the flight and cabin crew of that airliner that ditched in the Hudson River without a single loss in life. Why? Because I remember how quickly the same kind of attention and praise passed for the crew of that French airliner that ditched on takeoff at Pearson International in Toronto a few years ago. Sure, they go some attention – but not nearly as much, as lavish, as sustained as that which the Americans are piling on Captain Sullenberger and crew. Well-deserved, every bit of it too.

But I also remember how the airlines in Canada — and so quickly afterward too – went to Ottawa to get the federal government and the department that regulates air travel safety to reduce the number of crew and attendants on domestic flights. The recent coverage got me wondering whether either of those miracle crash landings would have been so miraculous if there had not been as many trained crew to evacuate the passengers out as quickly as they did. Remember, especially with that crash in Toronto, seconds counted before the plane was enveloped in flames.

As someone who travels by air quite a bit, I really have to wonder the next time I hop on a domestic flight in Canada whether the airlines got their way or not.