Jodi Rave, a writer for The Missoulian, both print and online versions, has a little story of her own about some of the comments that people have dropped on her. Rave is Lakota and has been a journalist in the mainstream for nearly five years.

photo from the Montana Missoulian
photo from the Montana Missoulian

In this column, she wonders whether it’s a case of two steps forward and three steps back sometimes.


I know these “Indian” states well. And I knew it would be a tremendous challenge to report and live in one of them, a reality revisited with the recent arrival of an anonymous letter. I’ve seen them before. And in Montana, I’ve noted a pattern.

No return address. No signature. Typewritten. And vitriolic.

Here’s an excerpt from the most recent “anonymous writer.” The words appear exactly as typed in the letter:

“I cannot stand it. ONE MORE DAY!! How many front page articles to do with Indians? Oh my God … Do I live in a city that is Mostly white or am I living on a Reservation and don’t know it? Wait a minute … if I were on a reservation then I would get everything for FREE … ”