… is not being done by journalists. It’s being done by bloggers like this guy, Michael Trapido. He’s a lawyer, a journalist, a writer who bills himself as a witty sports enthusiast. But there’s more. He writes with a sense of humour, of right and wrong beyond sports, and mixes in a healthy dose of righteous indignation. In other words, he’s got edge. He also has one of the better seats in the house when it comes to explaining what the hell is going on in South Africa these days.


Of particular concern to me is what has been happening of late to the South African Broadcasting Corporation. I worked at SABC. I know people there. I have friends who are still there after all of these years, although most have left disillusioned of their own accord, or have had their figurative throats slit from behind.

For instance, here’s his take on Snuki Zikalala, one of those people who slit many a throat, is perhaps the person most responsible for putting the SABC’s news operation under the ANC’s control, corrupting its promise to the people of SA as a public broadcaster, for ruining the careers of so many good journalists, and endangering SA’s once brave experiment with democracy and democratic journalism.

You can just feel the anger. But also the warning.