here’s a headline for ya

Arctic research station to be located in Nunavut

Apparently, the Minister of Indian Affairs Canada [oops, forgot the link] (all ye bow and scrape to the great white fadda) has, after much deliberation and forethought, decided that Canada’s big research station studying changes to the Arctic environment (and identifying resources for southerners to exploit, no doubt) should be located… (hold…. ) in the ARCTIC!

Now why didn’t we think of that?



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2 responses to “here’s a headline for ya

  1. Throbbin

    Not only that, but it’s going to take 2 YEARS! to figure out where it should go.

  2. Shmohawk

    Stop complaining. Chuckie has it all worked out. Major studies costing millions of bucks… then he’ll ask the Americans where they’d like it put. Oh, and maybe it should be near a big enough airport, with some decent facilities, satellite connects and all. Y’know, like not that far out of the way. Oh, and it’s gotta have decent coffee.

    Now what place has all of that? Hmmmmm….

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