cue the spooky music

This morning, CBC Radio’s The Current interviewed folks about the little people on Iceland. Seems Alcoa, the huge international aluminum conglomerate, hired a local expert to ensure that its new plant would not interfere with or otherwise displace the little people at its preferred site. You can listen to the interview at that link.

Seems Iceland affords its little people more consideration and legal protection than Canadian governments deign to extend to Indigenous peoples here… but I digress.

Then, this afternoon, the BBC runs an online story about a contest to find the “most ghostly” photo. A picture of a Scottish castle with a strange figure in period dress gazing out a window won the prize. Read all about it here.

Okay? Done reading?  Cue the spooky music….  

Just so’s ya know, I believe in the little people. There and here. Not so sure about hat picture though.


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  1. shmohawk

    I am really surprised that more people aren’t talking about the “little people.” I have a friend in south Africa who remembers her grandmother, a very sensitive person, showing her where some lived and watching the little people near their home in Cape Town. I’ve always heard stories about them here in in Canada.

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