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One Exposure - 1X website


One Exposure - 1X website


A few years ago, I was certain I saw a famous American photojournalist crouching down on a railway bed, concentrating on a couple of kids who had probably been born in the scrap wood and cardboard shacks that lined the railway tracks in a city teeming with millions struggling to escape great poverty but destined to live lives in the shadow of awesome wealth.  About a year later, I read an article about James Nachtwey and saw some of the pictures that, in my mind at least, might have been taken that very day.  It renewed my interest – my love – for photography.


I like taking pictures. I appreciate good photography. I aspire to the latter, but usually fall into the former. This doesn’t stop my desire.

I don’t have an expensive camera. What I need is to get rid of some of my anxiety about privacy so I can peek into a moment of someone’s life. Yet, most of my pictures are still of inanimate things, not the faces that fascinate me. But I’m trying.

What brings this up? A chance encounter with One Exposure – 1X, (first picture) a site of some very good photography. It reminds me that I have to take the dog for a walk – and this time to bring my camera.

Sunset at a temple in India

Sunset at a temple, Indian

Here are a couple of examples, not just of mine. The first is by Sylvia Vollenhoven who just happened to be in India. 

The others are mine;  a fishing boat, beached in Cape Dorset, and an old truck of Second World War vintage, in Alta, Norway.


Fishing boat in winter, Cape Dorset, Nunavut

Fishing boat in winter, Cape Dorset, Nunavut






old truck in Alta, Norway

old truck in Alta, Norway


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