heap big bullshit going on here
heap big bullshit going on here

Rob Schmidt didn’t mince words on his blog about Wednesday’s (Apr 15) “national teabag day” in the U.S. of A. He didn’t like it. But he was incensed that some of the protesters would “misuse Indian imagery” with insulting (if not laughable) results. I figure you sometimes gotta laugh or… well, club a seal or something. (stop.  i take that back).

Take a gander at some of the slogans he saw on their signs and you’ll see what he means:

“On Warpath Against More Taxes!”
“Paleface Taxes Too High”
“Let Little Brave Keep Wampum”

Yeah.  O…kay. What to say about stuff like that.

Read the whole post at his site.

Schmidt publishes several sites including Blue Corn Comics, Indian Comics Irregular, and Pictographs (on Indigenous languages) – and more. I stumbled across them some time ago but lost touch. His post on the “teabaggers” and their flop of a national protest brought me back. He has an Indigenous following and wrote this about one question from a Native American:

One person even asked what tribe I am. I smiled and said the tribe of Anglo-Saxons. I then explained how writing about Indians lets me address the political, social, and cultural issues I care about.

I think I’ll just mosey on over there a bit more from now on. Yup.