more churchill


Ward Churchil

Ward Churchil

Over at Open Anthropology blog, you’ll find video and an audio file of the full presentation of Ward Churchill. See for yourself. Also read Max’s excellent account. I should have posted earlier.


Mille grazie, Max.

Or in my lingo, “Tanks a million, Maximilian.”



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2 responses to “more churchill

  1. Thank you very much! Are you also Italian? If so, another coincidence. Sorry for the quality of the recordings…next time I will do a professional job. My worry was that we would not be allowed any recording devices at all, so I traveled light, with the cheap stuff.

  2. shmohawk

    No, not Italian. My roots are as old and deep in this continent as yours may be where your family has called home.

    We call ourselves Onhkwehonhweh (the people).
    Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse).
    Kanienke:haka (People of the Flint).
    Bear Clan, Mohawk, of the Six Nations Confederacy, in this shared language.

    Let me know how your people trace your family lines (clan, village, tribe, confederacy, etc.)

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