I’ve been fascinated with Picasso’s statement about war, fascism, death, life ever since I first saw a picture of Guernica in one of those large glossy picture magazines that don’t exist anymore. I’ve wanted to see the original for myself ever since. I missed a chance when it came to North America years ago. So I was intrigued when I spotted a link for a “3D” rendering on a website. Lena Gieseke:

The idea of creating a 3D version of an influential artwork came out of doing jigsaw puzzles of famous paintings. When you assemble a jigsaw, you study a painting in great detail and you become aware of the very lines, shapes and colors that the painting is composed of and how these elements merge to create a unified expression. Through the puzzle, you explore the artwork, examining details your eye might not have caught otherwise. Your experience of the painting is intense, aroused by the action of puzzling, but expanded and strengthened by your own fantasy.

This 3D rendering of Picasso’s Guernica offers a similar experience.

It’s amazing. It hasn’t satisfied my desire to stand in front of the original, but it has me appreciating Picasso even more.

Take a look for yourself.