Otherwise known as Patrick Brazeau, the youngest person ever appointed to the Canadian “cash-for-life” deal (the Senate), notorious repository for political yes-men and bag-men thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Brazeau’s back in the news because he’s been accused by former employees of acting, well, not very responsibly while heading up the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) in Ottawa. We’ll let the Canadian Human Rights Commission tackle that mess.

What should be of more concern is the judgement of  Harper himself, when he made this and other appointments. On this one, did Harper’s officials vet the candidate sufficiently, or ram through a token appointment because they wanted to be seen petting a good little Indian on the head? “Good” in terms of advancing the assimilationist cause of Little Stevie and the Harperites.  Because it must be asked: What else could have been on their minds? Brazeau’s lifetime achievements?

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