adventures of the karate kid

Otherwise known as Patrick Brazeau, the youngest person ever appointed to the Canadian “cash-for-life” deal (the Senate), notorious repository for political yes-men and bag-men thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Brazeau’s back in the news because he’s been accused by former employees of acting, well, not very responsibly while heading up the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) in Ottawa. We’ll let the Canadian Human Rights Commission tackle that mess.

What should be of more concern is the judgement of  Harper himself, when he made this and other appointments. On this one, did Harper’s officials vet the candidate sufficiently, or ram through a token appointment because they wanted to be seen petting a good little Indian on the head? “Good” in terms of advancing the assimilationist cause of Little Stevie and the Harperites.  Because it must be asked: What else could have been on their minds? Brazeau’s lifetime achievements?

For a lot more on this, browse this collection of blog posts – brought to you by the good, good folks who make blogging possible for much of this nation’s citizenry for the low, low price of whatever you can afford. 😉



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26 responses to “adventures of the karate kid

  1. Claudia Bürckner

    The combination of “Intelligence and Humour” is the greatest cocktail of all. With it you can bring yourself to the pursuit of happines, truth, jutice and all things in between. You have it… let me continue to enjoy it!

  2. SchmohawkEye

    Ironic post considering you worked for him Dan. Didn’t have the balls to say anything then and you now hide behind this blog to spurt your Indian fork tongue. Keep trusting your former supervisor!

  3. shmohawk

    You obviously haven’t seen my balls. Or if you have, then I’d like to see how your tongue is doing these days.

    But I’m a bit confused about what you dispute? I certainly don’t see any irony at all!

    Do you disagree that the Canadian Senate is a “cash-for-life” deal for old political party hacks and bag-men?

    Or that Harper’s appointment of The Karate Kid ™ had all the hallmarks of being (dare I say) “race-based” because his only qualification seemed to be, besides his claim to aboriginality, his support for Harper’s assimilationist agenda. (pat, pat… who’s a good boy?)

    Now, can you scrunch down to my balls again… left one first, if you don’t mind… Scrunching shouldn’t be too hard for a lowlife like you.

  4. Claudia Bürckner

    I didn’t know we divert into anatomy… That reminds me of Louis Pasteur, one of civilization’s greatest minds. He said: “Chances only favours the prepared mind”. Peut-etre que Monsieur Brazeau prouve qu’il vaut la peine. Sorry, bilingual country…

  5. shmohawk

    Claudia, I am so sorry your eyes had to hear that. Pardonnez-moi.

  6. shmohawk

    OK. I’ve cooled off some. I used some really nasty language that I usually don’t use online. I can’t believe that someone who knows enough to use an anonymizer (send emails with fake IDs) would not know that it isn’t kosher to out bloggers. It just ain’t done. But I lost my cool. Cool restored.

    My criticism with Brazeau has nothing to do with the organization that he ran into the ground. The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples had a decent reputation for standing WITH other Indigenous organizations that stand up for the rights of Indigenous peoples, often against government polices that sought to undermine or destory those rights. I did not expect it to be an advocate FOR assimilation or to work to undermine efforts to protect Indigenous rights.

    But Brazeau took CAP down that road. He mismanaged an organization to the point where it hangs by its finger nails. He turned it into one of the most distrusted and even hated native organizations in Ottawa today. He almost single-handedly destroyed any credibility CAP had earned over decades of hard work. I say almost because he certainly had help.

    That was your cue but because you stood by and did nothing and said nothing as a full-time employee. You watched it all go down, took your pay, and looked the other way.

    Brazeau (and the others) did not protect the rights of Indigenous people – he cozied up to a government that seeks to eliminate Indigenous rights in Canada. He didn’t do it for the organization. No, he wanted to be rewarded. He got it. I hope he enjoys his 30 pieces.

    I’ve worked for lots of organizations over the years. Just because they pay me to do a job doesn’t mean they buy my mind or my soul. I do my job. They pay me. I don’t have to become some arse-kissing sycophant to do so. I’ve turned down a lot of contracts because I despise the organization and its policies.

    I made a personal pledge years ago when I had little more than $5 in my bank account – and had been offered a six-figure salary to work for the Department of Indian Affairs. There are some things that make me puke and Indian Affairs is one of them. There are others. There is such a thing as dirty money.

    I went to CAP because an old friend asked me to help. I went because of him. I thought it would be the old CAP of former president, Dwight Dorey. Over time, I realized that CAP no longer had a soul, no longer cared about the very people it claimed to represent, and was a pretty despicable place that abused its own employees. It was a sick place. I told that to anyone and everyone that cared to listen – at work and outside. I had come to hate the place for what it did to some good people. I fulfilled my contract. I left as soon as I could.

    Would I go back – regardless whether it wants me or not? That depends on whether CAP stops embracing assimilation as a goal or a consequence of its objectives. It depends on whether it puts into place polices that protect employees – not designed to exploit and abuse their rights. It would depend on whether there were honest people running the joint. I’m a realist, not some fart-catching, mindless bot who pledges allegiance to some damn organization and to hell with right or wrong.

    I hope I’ve made myself clear.

  7. Claudia Bürckner

    In Argentina, the “gauchos” have an extraordinary tradition. They get around a fire with a guitar and they improvised rhymes with musical tones. The guitar goes to different hands and different perspectives are been shown. Let us play: “History reminds us, that only one will never make it. The eagle needs the fish to survive. The lion needs the hyena to clean house. Patrice Lumumba needed a Belgian to die… and so it goes that a virtous man will never condemned… only one.” Take the guitar is your turn…

  8. shmohawk

    Oh dear. You’re not telling me that any fame or fortune that might come my way will only be possible after a tragic and premature death? Or that I need to buy a guitar to make even that happen?

    Oh dear. 😉

  9. Claudia Bürckner

    Fame or Fortune??? Are you talking about those impostors? Let me go back to Rudyard Kipling and his poem “If”… No doubt is a nice afternoon to read Poetry…

  10. SchmohawkEye

    Schmohawk, all you are doing is making statements. Where’s the proof Brazeau mismanaged? There is none because he didn’t. I worked for both Brazeau and Dorey and perhaps you should see the audits from ofi, which I do. Brazeau cleaned the place up. Funny, for a guy who I worked with, you certainly are a two-face human being. I am apolitical but Harper’s nomination of Brazeau to the Senate was a stroke of genius. Unless your a Liberal of course! Or unless you just hate Harper for the sake of hating him. After all, has the Conservative Harper government made it worse for First Nations people? Let’s see: apology, settlement on rez schools, land claims agreement, human right legislation, increased on and off-rez investments and trying to pass matrimonial property law. I’m part of a land claim settlement, my family and I will benefit from the human rights legislation and I live in an area where I can apply for new off-reserve housing. Not bad for starters is what I say. Problem with you Dan is that you hang around you pal GP too much. Did he ever tell you that the harassment complaint by our former colleague was really going to be against him initially? Word to the wise, careful about the unfactual comments you make, they sometimes get people in hot water. Especially after the fact that you too, talk to much.

  11. shmohawk

    I’ll ignore the insults because I was insulting in my first reply. I appologize for that. But not again. From your insults, though, it’s clear that you don’t know me or my background.

    My politics are Mohawk – not Liberal or of any other mainstream Canadian political party.

    You’re allowed to believe that Harper did all of the above. The only thing I give him credit for is the apology – and even there I wait for a change away from the Federal Government’s assimilationist policies. Otherwise the apology is just words, empty of meaning. I’m not the only one to think that. Mike Cachagee of the national residential schools survivor’s group, says as much. So do a lot of other writers. So I’m in good company.

    GP? Harrassment? So the organization has more than two complaints? You imply Dorey’s record wasn’t what it should be. Explain. Provide those facts you keep talking about. You brought it up.

    I have my opinions, based on what I’ve seen. I’m not writing about the substance of my work, but that which any person walking into the joint could see with his or her own two eyes. So if you have facts to correct, please provide. I was content to talk generalities before but your comments demand that I explain. Be careful what you wish for.

    I had a neutral opinion of the organization before I arrived. I took a contract because a friend asked me to help. I explained that before. My one stipulation before signing: I refused to have anything to do with Brazeau or the people around him. You may interpret that any way you want.

    On my first visit to the organization, I was told that a room full of documents was being trashed to make space for employees. What was in there, I asked? Documents going back to before the founding of the organization, then-called the Native Council of Canada. Letters to or from Harry Daniels, Jim Sinclair, Smokey Bruyere, and more. Legal opinions, briefing notes, notes from meetings, personal correspondence to and from former prime ministers, premiers, church leaders, heads of unions, heads of foreign governments. Cabinet documents, notes from backroom consultations during the Constitutional Conferences to repatriate the BNA Act, and so on.

    I was appalled. I asked myself: What kind of organization trashes its own history?

    In the last six months, I had one face-to-face meeting with my contract supervisors and the rest of my unit. I had almost no direction and complained about the lack of coordination within the unit. Why? Because the full-time staff of four (I had been the only outside contractor until then) had had their positions changed from “employee” to “contractor” – including my supervisors.

    The situation in my unit was typical of the organization as a whole. I was told by my supervisor that employees had their status changed from “staff” to “contract,” told to work from home, or they could refuse and lose their jobs. I walked into an overcrowded office will full desks. I walked out of an office with almost no employees to do the day-to-day work required of a national organization.

    I expressed concern that management’s decision to de-populate the office was short-sighted, counter-productive, would seriously erode effectiveness, and create a situation where deliverables set by funders might not be met.

    I also felt management’s decisions was abusive to employees, and had left the organization open to multiple charges of constructive dismissal. As I understood, any one of those former employees could lodge complaints against the organization under federal or Ontario labour laws to get their jobs back and/or ask for punitive damages. Regardless of merit, such action could become very expensive. I expressed my concerns, describing them in person to my supervisors and, later, and in writing to senior management.

    You might call what I’ve described as good management. I prefer to call it “mismanagement.”

    As for the organization’s reputation, I think I’ve already told one story to illustrate what many others felt. A young man showed up to meet with your leader, hoping for his support of a program aimed at inner-city kids-at-risk in Ottawa. He’d been waiting for some time in the outer office. He wasn’t looking for much. Maybe a letter of support for a program that had the Ottawa City Police behind it? Maybe a donation from the organization? Maybe a personal gift? Your man dismissed the young man, hopped into his sports car, and zoomed off. End of meeting.

    I spoke with that young man. He felt disrespect and insult, both from your guy and the organization he represented. You may disagree with that young man, if you like. I used that incident as one example of an organization that lost its way, “doesn’t care anymore” about the people it claims to represent, and is “out of touch.” Others may disagree. That’s their right.

    I don’t have anything personal against Brazeau. Personally, I don’t know him. But I don’t want to know him either based on what I’ve learned. That’s my decision.

    Whatever I write is to poke fun at a national political figure who I see as a walking, talking testament to overblown sense of self-worth, lacking in foundation, a man who seems to have a dim grasp of the worth of a culture he seems to have exploited quite well. You may call that success. I call it something else.

    There’s an expression in Native America – “dreaming Indian.” It refers to people who exploit the Indigenous identity to further their own fortunes. But they really don’t want to be one, to live like one, or to become one.

    That’s what I do at this blog, sometimes. I tell stories. It’s not a journalistic publication bound by the canons of journalism. I don’t make money doing it. I don’t have a huge readership, although your comments seem to have bumped up the numbers lately (thank you).

    I don’t have to be balanced or fair, or even accurate. It’s about my personal take on the world and some of its characters. Sometimes I exaggerate for effect, to make a point. A couple of my recurrent themes include responsibility and accountability – of those individuals who claim to be national leaders.

    To summarize: If you don’t like or agree with my opinions, don’t read them. Simple.

  12. Creeation

    SchmohawkEye: you hit the nail on the head. Brazeau put CAP on the map, along with others who worked there. Just because Brazeau agrees with accountability and human rights, he’s assimiliated? C’mon, gimme a break. I see this all too often. As soon as a First Nations person makes it into mainstream politics, there are guys like Shmohawk who will say all that’s negative about that instead of praising the accomplishment because whether one likes it or not, it’s an accomplishment.

    Word on the street Shmohawk is that you were going to be fired from CAP. At least that is what I heard from a coordinator that was working there before he ran for vice chief. Perhaps that explains such hatred towards your former boss.

  13. shmohawk

    “Word on the street…?” Get a life.

  14. Claudia Bürckner

    Exquisite manifestation of an extraordinary entity… stop bleeding. Things that happened, happened and cannot be changed. To dwell in the past and around what was lost is not the right way to conceive the future. We must look at mistakes only to get the lessons and applied the inherent truth for the next generation.

    Now walk with me I have something to share. If you think that a 34 year-old man surrounded now by infinit possibilities in the realm of thousand opportunities is not capable of change, of evolution, of acquiring wisdom…. then what you are telling me in a very subtle way is not to have hope for the future. So let us think for a moment that you percieve Hon. Patrick Brazeau as an incubus I will protect and defend your right to think what you think but… I will oppose you and whoever tells me that a 34 year-old man with an entire life ahead cannot redeem himself even if he made some mistakes and I will repeat… “some mistakes” because at 34 unless he now is Amadeus and started in Kindergarten being seditious I really doubt the number of those “mistakes”. Of course I am afraid that you dislike him so much and with such an intensity that perhaps one day I will find something from your pen about his Kindergarten era.

    Brieffreund (as I call you in German), before this walk is over I need to remind you as a political creature not to be arrogant. Good Politics and Arrogance will never become heterogeneous. The sentence: “If you don’t like or agree with my opinions, don’t read them…” does not belong to you. Remember always that while our friends applaud…. our adversaries are the ones who keep us alert, cautious, strong, creative, responsible, truthful and honest.

    One last thing, did you study Physics? There was a man called LAVOISIER. He produced a law in Physics that I will change for your benefit: “Nothing gets destroyed, everything transforms…” Lavoisier was talking about the elements in this Universe. For example if I take a piece of wood and burn it, we will get ashes. the composition of wood is still there but the form has changed… now there are ashes. I know, I know… he didn’t write it like that, but I change it so you may comprehend that whatever bad… transformation is always the result. No Institution can be destroyed by one man.
    Now you may go and deny all.

  15. shmohawk

    Exquisite manifestation of an extraordinary entity… stop bleeding. Things that happened, happened and cannot be changed. To dwell in the past and around what was lost is not the right way to conceive the future. We must look at mistakes only to get the lessons and applied the inherent truth for the next generation.

    Ah, thank you. The institution is sick. One man did not destroy it. It cannot be destroyed but can be transformed. To be transformed there must be recognition that things need to change.

    The man there now has has a tough job ahead. I hope he succeeds. People out there need someone one who cares. His biggest enemy will be denial which solves nothing but prolong the illness.

    As for the other guy… I’ll try to judge by a person’s actions. Words can be empty. So let’s wait and see.

  16. SchmohawkEye

    I have no problems with your opinions, you are entitled to them but it doesn’t make them right, factual or justified. FACT is Brazeau is the one who made it possible for you, myself and the entire Powley team to be able to have a job in the first place. He’s the one who brought in funding, raised the profile and actually offer grassroots people a voice. Do your Mohawk leaders do the same? Does your Phil Fontaine do that? FACT is Brazeau cared about his constituents which is why he got the largest majority wins in the history of CAP. As far as I’m concerned and despite your personal opinions, the people liked Brazeau because he’s the only young, bright, charismatic and no bullshit leader any organization has seen since Ovide first came on the scene.

    You’re right, I don’t have to read your opinions but I will correct all the unfactual comments you have and will make for the sake of correcting the misinformation. The perfect example is by you mentioning the CAP consultants vs employees. Perhaps if you knew what was going on a little, you would know for a FACT that it was an OFI audit that forced CAP to have consultants work from home and you call that mismanagement? I call that a sound management decision.

  17. shmohawk

    Lib, short answer: Phil couldn’t qualify to be my leader. I’ve written biting opinions about Phil and his actions here and in published articles. Brazeau has always been a side-show to me, and only here. We can debate whether either one is loved by those who elect them, or in touch with the people they claim to represent – very different groups for both Phil and Brazeau.

    My Mohawk clan mothers have been displaced by the Canadian government’s Indian Act and band councils. Regardless, Mohawks have always been raised to understand their individual obligations as citizens of the Mohawk Nation: protect their own laws, ways of life and people. I don’t need anyone (Fontaine or Brazeau) to tell me what to do. I have a choice between right and wrong.

    Correct me if I provide inaccurate information. But don’t tell me it’s raining when… you know the rest.

    You dispute my use of the word “mismanagement.” Maybe you’d prefer “lousy,” irresponsible” or even “illegal.” Because you can’t tell me that CAP was “forced” to violate the rights of its employees – by the federal government no less – and break federal and provincial labour laws.

    CAP eliminated FULL-TIME staff positions, telling workers that to save their own jobs they had to sign contracts, become “private contractors,” and do the same work from home. I cannot think of a better definition for “constructive dismissal.”

    The decision to de-populate the office resulted in a lack of coordination and chaos. I saw and felt this first-hand. How can a national organization function when people aren’t even there to answer phones?

    You might argue it was to save money. But you cannot insist that someone “forced” CAP to do it, or that this represents “sound management.” Apparently, there was no prior research, no training or preparation for staff, no transition period, and no evaluation.

    If you have better information, please produce the evidence.

  18. Claudia Bürckner

    BREAKING NEWS: I will be gone for a while. My contacts arranged a meeting with ELMER the safety elephant or ELMER l’elephant prudent… I will try my communication skills. Do not worry, I will ask short questions and let ELMER do the rest. All information will be included in the dossier “The Kindergarten Era”. Please don’t loose it, forget it or leave it at your girlfriend’s house or at CTV Ottawa’s bureau. I hope your good sense of responsibility as a Mohawk man… will prevail. One of the insidious questions that I am preparing for ELMER: “Did he wear a CAP?”

    Victory is ours!! Scientists tell me that elephants have an incalculable memory and I am persuaded that everything starts during childhood. Abruptly…. after nine months of complete tranquility we are introduced to “our family”… as we get more or less “familiar” with the characters….. suddenly they imposed on us the teachers… and last but not least…. our peers!!! Add in the process the trauma with the pacifier, safety blanket and toilet-training.

    All things are ready for the mission. I will arrive IN COG NI TO!! (read it that way… it gives us a touch of aristocracy). I will dress as a tree. I am concentrating in the task of practicing with my arms. Please…. Keep your dogs inside!!

  19. shmohawk

    I must leave as well, to wrestle with demons then prepare for a goodbye to someone I admired greatly. I find use of the word hero overused, misused, to the point where it’s lost much of its meaning. This guy was a hero. Quiet. Kind. Giving. His death jolted me today, reminding me that there is too little time to waste chasing my tail on this subject. So this is my last post – I hope- on this thread.

  20. shmohawk

    Oop[s. Say hi to Elmer. Tell him his big cousin at Pilanesberg Game Reserve asked me to forward greetings but I forgot to deliver. Until now. One more thing, remember to wash behind ears.

  21. SchmohawkEye

    Ask your friend GP. He had the information. He didn’t keep it from the rest of the Powley team did he? He had more than one harassment complaint coming his way. That’s why he left CAP or else he would have been fired. As for the contract situation, I will not argue with you incorrect statements, assessments and information except to tell you to ask the CAP legal counsel or ask the board members of the Congress who ultimately made the decision, as well as all other decisions that took place at CAP.

  22. shmohawk

    I have been forced to remove a comment by ShmohawkEye. I have been advised that it might be libellous.

    ShmohawkEye may contact me offline to discuss my decision, if she wishes.

    I apologize to visitors to this blog for removing the comment. I must also apologize for not catching it sooner.

  23. Claudia Bürckner

    Because of your sadness and the heroe you mentioned…
    Mario Benedetti also died. He was the pilar of my soul here in this strange land, so vast, so cold… so far away…. so alone. I did not tell you because I though it wasn’t the place or the time, I’ve completely forgotten that the time and the place is what we make… every second, every breath, every step. Forgive me …
    I give you this poem before I go back inside like the turtles. While you read it I will ask for a favour… remember not only your heroe but the ones of 1990. Shhhhh, be quite. The poem is called: “Don’t save youself….”

    “Don’t save yourself, don’t remain motionless by the side of the road, don’t freeze your joy, don’t love half- heartedly, don’t save yourself now or ever, don’t save yourself, don’t fill yourself with calm, don’t reserve from this world only a tranquil corner, don’t let your eyelids fall, heavy like judgements, don’t live without lips, don’t sleep without dreams, don’t think of yourself without blood, don’t judge yourself without time,.
    But if…. in spite of everything you cannot avoid it and you freeze your joy and love half-heartedly and you save yourself now and you fill yourself with calm and reserve from the world only a tranquil corner and let you eyelids fall, heavy like judgements and you dry up without lips and sleep without dreams and think of yourself without blood and judge yourself without time and remain motionless by the side of the road…. and save yourself. Then, in that case… don’t stay with me.”

    For all the heroes, after and before…. yours, mine…. the others.. the ones that are being born… the ones who will never die… Tupac Amaru already tied up by the hands and feet to four horses shouted: “Volvere y sere millones”. Maria Eva Duarte de Peron took the sentence and repeat it for the people in Argentina. “Volvere y sere millones” It means “I will come back…. being millions”. There are souls… those that multiply when dead. Your heroe’s soul is already doing it in you!!
    Che, vos….. algun dia, en alguna calle, de algun lugar…. and more than a turtle it seems I am an owl at this hour.

  24. Claudia Bürckner.

    Mon Dieu!!! I just went away and by the time I come back…. Not only you have left “your post”.Really left “your post”… I thought you knew better…. but also the site is finished in a way that made me recall Groucho Marx. Did you learn Politics through him?
    Definition of Politics by Groucho Marx: ” Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it and then misapplying the wrong remedies.” Yes, no doubt…

    Another topic: Since when you end a site in such a manner? Not only no one will come back to “deal” again with your neurosis but they will be persuaded that you need an urgent dosage of Prozac. No, no, no!!!
    In Politics whatever you do… demands such a powerful sense of seduction… that if you “disappear” people will miss you so much that just to reclaim your name they will be talking about you in their living-rooms, walking the dogs or playing Chess at the Community Centre.
    And when you come back they will be so eager to read you again “that the word in the street” will spread like dandellions in a garden at this time of year. You don’t believe me? Ask The U.S. President Mr. Barack Obama.

    Ok…. you need help! You really want to finish? So be it but remember that Monsieur Brazeau… is laughing in front of the mirror, singing “another one bites the dust… and another one… and another one…” while his “advicer” is teaching him that Fidel always said: “History will absolve me”.

    You really want to finish? In that case you must leave a smile in the faces of those who did follow you. Read it again because this is part of “The art of Politics” and I am convinced that this ending you will enjoy. “Hee, Heee, Heeee!!” (my witch laughter, Witch with W… don’t be insolent!!!)

    With all due respect to Senator Hon. Patrick Brazeau.

    This is happening 10 years from now. 10 years as a Senator. 10 years of “La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin. 10 years having breakfast at Maxim’s in Paris, climbing Machu Pichu after drinking coca leaves-tea because of the altitude and going on a Safari in Kenya. All in the same year.
    An anniversary between him and his wife is approaching and she asks him what is it that he would “die for”.
    He answers immediately: “Something shiny… that goes from 0 to 210 in a fraction of seconds.” Then his wife in a gesture that reivindicates all wives…. buys him a scale…”

    P.S. my next ‘intervention” is a gift to your Nation, don’t miss it.

  25. Claudia Bürckner.


    She didn’t know… by reading attentively she learned about the Matriarchal Social System of a Nation.

    Now call your wife and your sister, your mother or your lover and read to them… They do not need to know who wrote it…. it is not transcendental. In the end thoughts are energy travelling through dimensions and energy doesn’t need names.

    To the women. co-developers of Identities, guardians of the Culture and vehicles “par excellence” for the propagation of Human DNA and “The art of Politics”.
    Within them… Humanity converges, within them… Humanity emerges.

    How many? , he asked. As many… as its required, she answered. How come? he asked.
    It’s simple really. I am the one who cries but I am also the one who hopes. I am the one who fights but I am also the one who loves. I am the one who is voraciously hungry but I am also the one who gives her blood to nourish.
    I am so many… sometimes I forget. Who do you forget?, he asked. Sometimes I forget the young one. She who has the strengh, the obstination, the stamina, the passion. She who will rebel and never give up, shut up, let up. She who wil fervently oppose in order to create options. She who will alter every atom as she passes by. She who will change everything so to renew it all. Thoughts, doctrines, ideals, even you. I know he said, I know… How come?, she asked. Because although I love them all, she is the one I love the most…

    Auf Wiedersehen.

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