I’ve been moving away on this blog from responding to every issue that pops up in news reports or idiotic post in the moronosphere. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep up with it all, not to mention the time to do a bit of research, draft what I hope is a reasonable or at least intelligent response, and then post it. There must be better things I can do, I tell myself. But what?

From time to time, I try to post a bit of writing that lies dormant in one of the dozens of folders on my computer. Some of them, I’ve flogged but have had rejected. Others are things I’ve had to get off my chest and poured out through the keyboard. I’m not sure if anyone reads these, and it gets like my old job at CBC Radio where you’d bust your butt getting something done, send it over the air, and then…. hissssss (the sound of static).

One thing I know. Issues that get me thinking require that I deal with them somehow. But the pressure, put on me by me, to react immediately (or at least timely) often results in half-baked ideas get posted. As you can tell, I’m not satisfied. I need to do something here that means something, that I can feel good about.

I’m not sure what that means except it means change. Less frequent postings? More time to think? Better writing? More meaning? Will anybody give a crap except me?

It’s that last one that seem most important to me. Why should I care what anyone else thinks? Do I really care? Should I? Really, should I?



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2 responses to “confused

  1. >I’m not sure if anyone reads these…

    I appreciate your bloggin, Daniel. 🙂

    Makes me think I should get off my ass and finally set up my on-line indigenous media project. Beside procrastination, one source of hesitancy is wondering how I would ‘monetize’ the site to justify the allocation of time, energy and resources.

    At any rate, blogging is still in its infancy as far as media goes. It makes sense that you are still figuring out what yours is for. I like Andrew Sullivan’s take on the matter:

    I guess it comes down to who your desired/expected audience is.

    Keep on keepin on!


    PS: I like your entries regarding Kahensatake: not enough people are asking questions about the ratio of force employed to force required.

  2. shmohawk

    Muchos gracias, señor Rick. I had another blog but gave it up when I heard nothing back from anyone. I had hoped to have a place for some conversation, give and take, back and forth. But I discovered, at this other blog, that it attracted people who wanted to insult, disrupt or argue for the sake of saying sh*t. That blog lost my interest.

    balbulican, over at StageLeft, talked me into trying again. SHMOHAWK is the result. It’s not for news, although I find myself reacting to what’s in the news because some things are just too bizarre, or they raise issues that are avoided by Indigenous folks. These are issues that I think should be explored, discussed, debated – but aren’t.

    That’s when I discovered that this was an open invitation to those looking to fight each other to the death over the Interwebs (see the Seven Jewish Children post and folo) even if I want nothing to do with any of it. I have my own battles. I don’t need or want theirs. This is what led to the demise of my other site.

    So I’m looking for a style, a reason, a means of doing something. I write, but no longer journalism. Still, just when I think I’ve escaped… the SQ arrives in another bit of major stupidity to drag me back in for however short a time. I don’t like it, but…

    So I’m looking. I would write for a site that challenged me and allowed me to go where my mind might wander. If it would pay would be a major bonus. I haven’t found this kind of vehicle yet, although I’ve heard the exist. Somewhere. Over the rainbow.

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