This is from the band council on Kanehsatake Mohawk Territory and issued just before noon today (Thu):

KANESATAKE, QC, May 21 – The Mohawk Council of Kanesatake has issued comments in the aftermath of the raid that took place yesterday in our community.

“Yesterday’s police operation is one that was an important step in addressing a very real problem facing First Nation communities across the country,” said Grand Chief Sohenri:se Nicholas. “Illegal drugs and organized crime have no place in our communities.”

However, the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake has some concerns regarding the raid and the way it was carried out. There were several reports by community members of unnecessary force being used; in one specific case, police officers boarded a school bus, causing fear and panic amongst the young children.

As well, the operation was aimed only at the marijuana grow-ops.

“We are disappointed that the police didn’t take action against those selling harder drugs in the community,” Chief Nicholas said. “This is something that still needs to be addressed.” The Mohawk Council of Kanesatake is working with the community to find a long term solutions for public safety.

“As a community, it’s time that we take responsibility for our affairs,” Chief Nicholas continued. “We are hard at work rebuilding our institutions.”

For further information: Chief Sohenri:se Nicholas, Mohawk Council of Kanesatake,  Cell: (514) 241-8392,  (450) 479-8373

I agree with almost everything. I would like to know more though; such as:  

  • Was he notified prior to the raid?
  • Were Mohawk peacekeepers involved, as reported widely by the mainstream media?

Questions he should ask the RCMP and the Sûreté du Québec:

  • Were snipers in helicopters necessary?
  • Was it necessary to  buzz of the rooftops of homes most of that day, and a couple of times since?
  • Why the complete lack of any kind of community-based policing for more than a year – then a massive invasion of 300 police in SWAT teams, armed to the teeth, with attack dogs, in dozens of vehicles?
  • Was it necessary to seal off the entire community if the police had warrants for specific addresses and suspects?
  • Would they conduct a raid like this, treat the residents like this, if they conducted similar raids in the neighbouring towns of Oka, St. Benoit, or Ste. Placide?

Really. I guess my main question would be: When are these clowns going to start treating us like people – not animals?

No wonder nobody here likes them or trusts them.

As an aside, this is the most I’ve heard from this guy since he took office. Do they even have open-door band council meetings anymore? Return phone calls? Answer correspondence?

Sorry. Rant over.