invasion – day 4

UPDATE:  No raid. Bad information. 

Every now and then, I’ll try to post information that’s come this way as updates to the raid that took place 4 days ago. There’s still a heavy police presence with about 20 vehicles at the SQ compound on the outskirts of Oka, one boat, one helicopter, and one armoured wagon (see pictures below). It seems the SQ are may be moving in again.

The helicopter’s been buzzing homes near the Pines again today. I saw them loading up at the SQ compound on my way into Kanehsatake about an hour ago. I suppose they need may want to provoke a reaction to justify use of all of the armour they brought for some pretty measely pickings. 1000 pot plants, 20 tomato plants, and… that’s about it.

I’ll head and and see about pictures. In the meantime, here are those pix at the SQ compound.

SQ armoured vehicle

SQ armoured vehicle

SQ boat and helicopter

SQ boat and helicopter



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2 responses to “invasion – day 4

  1. martin

    Hey Shmohawk,

    I’m trying to email you, but your old emails don’t seem to work. Would you mind sending me your address?

  2. shmohawk

    I sent a reply to an email you sent. I explained that I’m wrestling with a rather stubborn computer. It’s new. It’s ornery. And It appears to be winning the battle. I’ll get back to you when I get online form longer than 2 minutes, since that’s all I it will allow me. (sigh)

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