Head on over to StageLeft. It started with yesterday’s release of a report from a nine-year inquiry into charges of sexual exploitation, physical and emotional abuse, and virtual slavery of Irish children by priest, nuns and others with the Catholic Church in Ireland. There’s an eerie similarity to stories told in Canada by survivors of the federally-administered but church-run native residential school system.

 .. why would anyone voluntarily associate themselves with an organization whose officials and representatives were found to responsible for the rape, humiliation, and beating, of children — and that the organization hierarchy covered that up.

On a similar, but a different theme at the CBC site

An Indigenous boy (the story doesn’t say if he’s Cree or Oji-Cree) at a Thunder Bay school had his hair lopped off by a teacher’s assistant. The seven-year-old boy had grown chin-length hair before the incident last month. His mother said staff at McKellar Park Central Public School were aware her son was letting his hair grow so that he could take part in traditional First Nations dancing. The boy told his mother that the teacher’s assistant made him stand in front of mirror afterward, telling him: “look at you now.”

Why put these two stories together? Let the Thunder Bay family’s lawyer explain:

“We have a classic example of the vulnerabilities of a seven-year-old being taken advantage [of] by someone with a pair of scissors who lifted that child on a stool and proceeded to violate the child,” Falconer said. “The question becomes how could the police and the Crown attorney’s office turn a blind eye to this?”

They get so used to covering up they don’t even notice anymore. Authorities get worried about the victimizer, because it’s one of their own, more than the victim, who belongs to another race or class of people. They deny anything happened at first, they they try to minimize the story or cover it up when all else fails.

 The common theme is the victim, and how easily people with authority abuse that trust and power – and too often – despite all we have come to know – they still get away with it.