Official Save Our Snooze poster
Save Our Snooze poster

Have you seen CTV’s latest campaign – the one where they practically beat you over the head with a club to get more money? Here’s a take from one writer in Winnipeg who shares my skepticism.

But let’s get this straight — local news and news coverage is not threatened. In a city as large as Winnipeg, there are many media outlets, and new ones emerging, to report on what is happening locally. There is already a local news provider on TV, radio and the web that we all pay a fee for — the CBC.

CTV’s desire for cable fees is as much about the network wanting to broadcast Desperate Housewives on Sunday night as it is about anything else the company does.But a blockbuster American TV show does not have the emotional appeal of news from your backyard.


"endangered" CTV local reporters
"endangered" CTV local reporters

I was fence-sitting on the issue – until I spotted these CTV local reporters on their way back to work after a liquid lunch at the ritzy marina club in Lachine. 

Endangered species? Yeah, right!