There were lots of things I didn’t like about Winnipeg when I lived there for a couple of years. They were eclipsed by the things I really loved. One thing above all else was the sense of social activism and involvement. The city was alive with people doing things, not just sitting there waiting or looking the other way.

What brings this my attention? Colleen Simard. She writes from time to time for the Winnipeg papers and is, IMHO, one of the better, more graceful and classy writers and journalists out there. Take her latest guest bit in “View From The West” at the Winnipeg Free Press. She knocks down some ridiculous but hard to kill myths and stereotypes but in a way that makes you wonder afterward what your guts are doing down there on the floor.

Why the U of S turned down half a million is simple enough: the kind-hearted donor stipulated she didn’t want the money going to aboriginal people. Of course, that’s discrimination because you’re excluding a race of people. If you don’t understand that you should be doing some educational reading of your own.

Read up on the Canadian Human Rights Act. And before you start firing off those angry emails, stick with me.

Sure, it’s fine to set up a scholarship for “white people,” but don’t set up a scholarship that expressly excludes a race.

See what I mean? That’s just the tip of her dagger.

But to get the full effect, head on over to read the whole thing.  Then check out her Urban DND(oops!) NDN publication – then ask yourselves why can’t we do something like this Montreal, or Ottawa, or Kingston? Blimey!

Two big thumbs up for Colleen.