I’m constantly impressed by the quality of writing and the level of discussion that takes place in many Native American publications on important issues, such as the distinctions between “membership” (registration by government) and “citizenship” (accorded by Indigenous nations). There was a time, not long ago, that native publications in Canada would have stacked up well in a comparison with their southern cousins. I’m not so sure anymore.

So I’ve set up a survey to let you decide for yourselves.

I’ve limited the selection to three newspapers. One is Native American. Two are native publications in Canada.

They have all been compared in the past to each other in competition for awards in layout, design, photojournalism, writing style, editorial quality, and journalism.

Take a look. Read articles (news, editorial, analysis, column or commentary).  Then you’re invited back to fill out a short survey (10 questions).

Here are links. (maybe next time I’ll have a full survey)

  1. Windspeaker Online (Edmonton-based, claims national readers) (has trouble updating its website)
  2. First Perspective Online (June 1 – May 28) (Winnipeg-based, more local these days)
  3. Indian Country Today Online (national Oneida, New York-based)

Hope this works.

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