genocide past and present

The past

It’s been 15 years since the Nigerian government held show trials then executed Ogoni writer and human rights activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and eight others. Saro-Wiwa and his group stood against a genocidal campaign waged against the Ogoni conducted by their government, aided and abetted by oil conglomerate Royal Dutch Shell.  At least that was the complaint in a civil suit that wound its way through U.S. courts for 13 years. Yesterday, Shell settled and agreed to pay $15.5-million USD to the families and to the Ogoni community.

Shell denied complicity in a genocidal campaign of murder and torture, but that doesn’t matter. According to Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr., the writer’s son, and the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City, the settlement is a major victory for international human rights. According to the CCR:

“…corporations, like individuals, must abide by internationally recognised human rights standards.”

The present:

Police take away ‘terrorist’ PHOTO: Thomas Quirynen

Police take away ‘terrorist’ PHOTO: Thomas Quirynen

The government of Peru is in heavy manipulation mode. It sent armed police squads to break up demonstrations by Indigenous peoples protesting government decrees opening tribal homelands in the Amazon jungle. Dozens of demonstrators have been killed, with reports of police throwing bodies into rivers to cover up a massacre.

Peru’s president, Alán García said there was…

“a conspiracy afoot to try to keep us from making use of our natural wealth.” He was referring to the fierce opposition by the country’s native peoples to 10 decrees issued by his government that open up indigenous land to private investment by oil, mining and logging companies and to agribusiness, including biofuel plantations.

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Website of AIDESEP: Aidesep, pueblos indígenas amazónicos del Peru | Portada
Donations can be made under “SOLIDARIDAD AIDESEP”, at
Bank Name: Banco de Crédito del Perú
Account number: 193-1070011-1-01
Account name: AIDESEP-VARIOS
Swift Code: BCPLPEPL
Address: Jr. Lampa 499, Cercado de Lima, Peru



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