pot… meet kettle

hacked, skewered, and screwed by News of the World

hacked, skewered, and screwed by News of the World

Remember the eruption of BBC-bashing that took place a few years ago. It had to do with a story about doctored intelligence reports on Iraq. It led to the suicide of a senior public servant. The Labour Government struck a commission of inquiry to get to the bottom of it. A few big names at the BBC fell upon their swords. Upper lips were further stiffened. A public institution made to bend to the government’s will. The exercise served the government well, while making Brit journalism a little less free than before.

Any bets, though, that there won’t be nearly the same amount of moralizing this time because it isn’t the BBC this time. It isn’t broadcasting. Nope,  it’s a bloody newspaper. Worse, it’s a Murdoch bloody newspaper at the centre of this scandal in the Guardian Newspaper (UK), which is running healdines like these:

The series is a doozie. Thousands of people targeted by private investigators hired by Murdoch’s News of the World newspaper to hack into cell phone accounts, tax records, social security information, health records and a lot more belonging to thousands of people from sports figures to actors, politicians to writers. And – yes – that’s Gwyneth Paltrow in the picture at right.


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