where’d they go

First of 20 pictures down memory lane

First of 20 pictures down memory lane

I took electronics shortly after capacitors as big as small houses had become old hat, vacuum tubes were phasing out in favour of transistors and integrated circuit (IC) boards, and computers were about to make the jump to the desktop. It’s good every now and then to look back at where we came from, thanks to TIME Magazine, if only to wonder what’s next – and to remind me why I love my Mac.



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5 responses to “where’d they go

  1. Pfft. Yer a puppy. I remember chatting with my good friend Nikolai T. about alternating current. Don’t know if he ever ran with it.

  2. shmohawk

    I remember when I was jist a young’un, some dude coming into our local community circle rolling a big round stone with a hole in the middle, trying to bullsh*t us about how it was going to revolutionize the world we knew. Pfpaff! We threw that ars*hole out and that thing-a-mahoozits right after him. Damned idiot. It would never fly, and we knew it. But it gave us the idea for a new kind of bread, and deep fried it was delish too!

  3. BAGELS! It’s TRUE! You ARE the Lost Tribe of Israel!

  4. shmohawk

    Oy! What’s with the making me a whole tribe? And what’s with that icon? Is that green hair? A green helmut? Explain, please, because I’m certain there are others in the blogosphere asking.

  5. shmohawk

    And, BTW, that big stone never did fly. Useless thing!

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