(the good)

Shut down yesterday afternoon to help my sister get back online. Her modem crapped out and Bell (don’t remind me) sent her a replacement. Long phone call with a nice woman who, I believe, was in India. With her help, the sister is back online. Managed to get to Laval for a bike part.  Whoo-hoo!

(the bad)

Things are piling up. I wake to (pause…) clear skies and good weather?! So much rain and/or cold for much of late June and all of July.  I crave a bike ride whenever there’s a nice day. And THIS is the first sunny day in nearly a week and the only one expected for the rest of this one.  Here are my options: waste time sitting at my keyboard, or do much-needed yard work then get ready to hit the road while the sun is out. Must make coffee first (stumbles toward coffee grinder – not Starbucks brand).

(the ugly)

Still, at least I should turn on computer and download email. What’s this?? My very own brand of “Scenty” (a fave paranoid of a reader) shows up in my Inbox. Three messages in a row. One threatening legal action. My feelings go like this: surprise, consternation, anger, rage… followed quickly by mirth. (The guy can’t write. He must have good editors cleaning up his stuff.)

Here are some excerpts from his brand of intelligent discourse. Let’s begin with the threat:

First the legal issues: On  July 3, 2009, you wrote these statements on your blog: “Then again, if the National Post didn’t exist anymore, where would people like Joe Quesnel, Peter Foster, or Jonathan Kay be able to spout their outdated racist crap? Macleans?”

You will remove the offending portions that refer to my writings as “racists”(sic) or I will pursue legal action against you, as this is a false allegation. I have never said anything “Racist” (sic) against indigenous people. I will require a response from you. You cannot hide in blogosphere and make irresponsible claims about other people.

Then this one, from Quesnel’s next missive:

I would actually like to engage you in a respectful discussion, but this is how you speak, so if I am being engaged from the gutter, I will respond likewise.

And to wrap...

Lastly, you are upset about a comment a CBC reporter made referring to the AFN national chief as “national king of the Indians.” I NEVER said that! Stop confusing me for someone else. I would not say something like that. Please stop misrepresenting my views or the intentions of the Frontier Centre.

Obvious questions pop:

  • Who’s hiding?
  • Why not go the Human Rights Commission route?
  • Does he realize how ridiculous he comes off; him a free speecher/ libertarian and all?
  • Doesn’t he realize I’ve made him my butt (in so many ways) to show how ridiculous I consider his opinions and those of his assimilationist crowd?
  • Is his work at the office as poor as his work here?

Hang on, Joe. I have chores first. Then I’ll give your legal threat and rants all the consideration they deserve – if that.