I’m enjoying a little hiatus from blogging. I began writing a play, preparing for a short teaching gig, looking for other paying gigs, renewing old friendships, seriously trying to slim down and get back into shape… In other words, doing real stuff in real life instead of getting sucked back into the not-so-real world of social networking.

Tweets (or as John Cleese put it “tw_ts”) just isn’t real communication. It’s like McNews or the headline without the stories. Funny thing is, I also found similar tools but for audio and video messaging. So the question: What can you do with all of the stuff out there that is supposed to make you more communicative, more in-touch with everyone else, more connected? Well, they keep you chained to your smart phone or computer screens and keyboards because then the assumption is that YOU then must respond somehow.

Not my problem. I just don’t feel like talking sometimes. I enjoy solitude, the sound of wind in the trees, dogs barking down the road, squirrels chattering at me for who knows why.

So excuse me while I get back to my chores. First, the dishes. Then, some more writing. Then some really hot vietnamese rice noodle soup on the porch, watching the sun set on another glorious but late summer day.