damn socialists

I watch with growing anxiety developments south of the Canadian border on health care reform. Mobs, mobs shouting down speakers trying to drown public debate, people showing up with guns at town halls. Apparently, it’s all because of those damn socialists. Then I come across News From a Multicultural Perspective which mines the Blogosphere to discover the real threat to American democracy – and the real story. I repeat – the REAL story!



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2 responses to “damn socialists

  1. Claudia Bürckner

    Thank you!!! It is because each time you write I learn, each morning when I open Twitter you make me go… somewhere and learn. Learn, apprehend, comprehend… My rage blinded me for so long… that I stopped the wonder of learning. You… with your touch brought it back… Live your life, look at the sky, feed your dog but keep writing… we are all experiencing this urgency to learn… to apprehend… to comprehend.

  2. Thanks for linking to my site. I trust you also know about my Newspaper Rock blog at:


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