v137i9op02More outrage at Stephen Harper’s ignorance of Canadian history. More to the point, though, outrage in the Queen’s University Journal at the Canadian media, and at Canadians in general.

By talking to some of my peers, I found many actually agree with the statement that Canada has no history of colonialism. In a public forum, someone expressed that “Arguably, we really don’t, and if we did, it’s nothing spectacular. Any form of North American expansion and westward movement before 1867 cannot be placed on Canadian shoulders. And you don’t see Canadians with overseas territorial interests.” So as it turns out, there’s debate to be had over this—which is why I’m writing this piece. Not only does Canada have a history of colonialism—Canada is fundamentally built on colonialist endeavors. It’s offensive to even debate the question “Does Canada have a colonial history?” The only reason I’m engaging in this ridiculous debate is to counter the only voices speaking out on this incident—voices in support of Mr. Harper’s statement.

Reminds me of the reaction I got from the techs on the other side of the studio window who, listening to my stories about horrendous suicide rates, chronic unemployment rates, incarceration rates in jails, death rates for children (apparently even today seven (7) times that of teh the rest of population in Canada)… would simply stare at me like dead fish. Why, I finally asked? Why no reaction?

Because, one told me, it’s normal.

Shame on them.