This is for all the people who think I hate everything. I know, I know. Well, I don’t hate everything. I can actually like something every now and then. Like this list of do’s and don’ts for journalists who really want to change the way things work in today’s news media. Before you say: “Wait a minute… this is one of those “top whatever lists” the writer’s grumbling about.” Well, it ain’t.

I’d add one more thing to the list. Feel free to add your own. Mine is on crime reporting.

Years ago, I came across something that made huge sense. Instead of covering every killing, rape and bit of mayhem just because, why not adopt a set of protocols that would allow journos to measure – intelligently – whether the story should hit the pages or newscasts? If the crime doesn’t reveal an emerging trend, highlight official accountability, is not truly unusual or noteworthy… why cover it at all? What is the purpose, other than making people poop their pants, or titillation just to bump numbers?

Whatever. Here’s the link to that article, by writer Dan Gillmor in the Guardian Online (UK). I’ll even supply the first of his “new rules.”

1. We would not run anniversary stories and commentary, except in the rarest of circumstances. They are a refuge for lazy and unimaginative journalists.

Yes! I wholeheartedly agree!