i share your disgust

Healther Mallick

Canadian journaist/writer Heather Mallick

Not much to add to Heather Mallick’s opinion piece in the Guardian (UK). Right to the point. The disgust, the anger, the general pissed-off feeling with Stephen Harper and his gang that came in to form a Conservative government in Canada with high promises and low intentions.

Every promise (accountability, transparency, greater respect and civility, and on and on) broken with worse than a shrug. A largely sycophantic media at best, or a beaten and submissive media at worst, keeps bending to this strutting joker and his bunch in Ottawa. Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is a joke and so is that party’s leader who wants to lead but thinks it comes with the letterhead and doesn’t need to be earned.

CDN PM Stephen Harper

CDN PM Stephen Harper

Harper and the Cons? What a joke on the international stage.  Climate change? How can they use it to shovel more money to the big polluters (and make a laughingstock of Canada abroad)? Indigenous peoples rights? Get’s nothing but a snarl from those idiots. The economy? Harper and his finance (sic) minister took a huge surplus, gave it away to big business just as the crisis began, denied there was a crisis, and then saddled the country with its biggest debt ever with even more no-strings giveaways to big business while the unemployment rate climbed and people lost jobs. Makes it easier to cut social programs later, doncha know.

Now they’ve “suspended” Parliament until after the 2010 Olympics because the Harper government doesn’t want to answer questions about the war and its soldiers in Afghanistan, possible complicity in torture there, as well as a long list of other things to be avoided.  Take the Harper government’s continuing refusal to face reality and sign the UN’s International declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, tackle a weakening economy that needs revamping, the lack of accountability on all of that stimulus spending, a do-nothing policy on climate change… And the list goes on and on. So many things to be avoided, promises to be ripped up, so much disrespect to be dumped on people across this country.

Arrogant bastards. They have got to go.



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2 responses to “i share your disgust

  1. Amen. But too much of lefty blogdom reminds me of the scene in the Life of Brian where the peoples front of Judea sits around furiously debating how intolerable the Roman occupation is, and how the situation calls for immediate…discussion.

  2. shmohawk

    Righty-o, then. It is time to stop wagging tongues and begin flapping around somefin else. Reminds me of Burma in ’42, although I wasn’t there.

    Sad state of affairs, m. Balb. Your (the collective “your”, not you personally) political system is in dire need of an enema. Or at least a good dose of Metamucil ™. My own system of political representation is also just as – if not more – f**ked by short-term, self-indulgent, power-hungry, puffed up jerks who place long-term welfare at the bottom of the list of priorities. Like Harper, they’re only looking at how they can either remain in power or increase their voting power and let the people deal with a crisis on their own. They’ll survive (at least until Harper et al decide to leave, and by then it’ll be someone else’s problem).

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