It’s pretentious, snobby, puts itself on a pedestal, looks down on real people, thinks it directs or informs international policies where it’s published and sometimes through influential readers where it is not. But every now and then, even The Economist nails it.

It called former PM Paul Martin Jr. “Mr. Dithers,” and everyone seemed to know his days were numbered (including Mr. Martin). Now the British-based international business magazine has a new target living at 24 Sussex in Ottawa.

Harper in a ballet tutu
PM Stephen Harper (not exactly as pictured)

The headline reads: Halted in mid-debate

But its the sub-head that does the damage:

Stephen Harper is counting on Canadians’ complacency as he rewrites the rules of his country’s politics to weaken legislative scrutiny

T’was ever thus. Can you hear the clock ticking…. ?