I was on the road all day Friday. I was doing stuff the day before knowing I’d be on the road all day Friday. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So (sigh) go on over the StageLeft.  Read Balbulican’s post which nails the latest load of horsesh*t that faux academic, Francis Widdowson, had published in that rag pretending to be a newspaper called the National Post this past week. (they should change its masthead to “all the fits that’s printed as news”)

There must be editorial standards for opinion pieces even for rags like that one. Then again, I guess it depends on what standards you want to aspire to. How else to explain how the NP could publish an opinion piece – horrendously uninformed opinion – foisted upon its reading audience, based almost completely on a ten-year old blog post by Gilbert Oskaboose?

Somebody – please – stop that Widdowson woman from calling herself an “academic” and that rag from calling itself a newspaper!