You're Number One!
Fickle Finger Award

Joe Quesnel (sometime Métis, Mohawk or whatever) takes another swipe at Indigenous rights in the National Post. I would add “as usual” to that sentence but it becomes tiresome after awhile, about both. I honestly cannot remember when either the National Post or this Quesnel had anything good to say about Indians or Indigenous peoples of any kind. Oh – except that time when both developed (rather pitiful) woodies after the Git’ksan dangled the possibility of mass voluntary assimilation in front of them.

Of course, why is this news now? Why would the NatPost print an opinion piece right now about something that faded from the headlines weeks ago. What more could Quesnel or the NatPost add that would take the story that one step further to justify its printing? Well, nothing, actually. Unless one considers that it took that long for Quesnel to read what knowledgeable and informed bloggers (unlike himself) had been writing for some time already.

Only reason I can figure is that the National Post editorial board figured that it’s been too long since its last denigrating, demeaning, issuance of bilge about Indigenous peoples. Possibly, the right-wing make-work project that is Joe Quesnel came up in discussion; as in: “We ain’t heared from him in a dog’s dump, eh?” Thus, the dog dump that wound up in its proper place – on the pages of the National Post.

Long story short… this is why they are my nomination – a dual nomination – for the first-ever NEW Fickle Finger of Fate Award (aka the “You’re Number One” Award). To that monument to self-delusion and self-hatred, Joe Quesnel, and to that bastion of bile, the National Post… well done, y’all! Congrats. You both deserve it.