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It’s a column by Jim Coyle in the Toronto Star. It’s making the rounds by email, twitter, and the blogosphere. Why? Because it rings true and honest, a rare thing written about any politician these days.

It’s about Ipperwash Park, the Ontario Government and it’s impending return of the park to the Kettle and Stony Point people. Mostly, it’s about MPP Gilles Bisson who stood up in the Leg because he had some “things I wanted to put on the record.”

I won’t spoil it for you by quoting any more of Coyle’s column here, or pulling anything  from Bisson’s comments in made to the Legislature. (full statement here) I’d prefer to let you read the words as I found them.


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  1. trthomas

    My mum likes to joke about how their house was the first with a toilet on their reserve. That would’ve been in the late sixties/early seventies.

    Reading Bisson’s words reminds me of how my family talks to each other when they’re reminiscing.

    We’re still without so much here. We’re lucky to live so close to Salmon Arm, when I think about it.

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